Overview of ProjectVirginia


The ProjectVirginia Political Action Committee supported the implementation of innovative social media communication and voter mobilization technologies to increase the Republican majority in Virginia’s House of Delegates and support the Republican candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General in 2009, winning accolades from numerous candidates. ProjectVirginia also won a Reed Award for "Best Use of Twitter" for these efforts.

BearingDrift, Virginia's leading conservative political blog, had this to say about ProjectVirginia just before the 2009 elections:

ProjectVirginia has diligently brought a la carte services in web design, social networking, and, yes, online fundraising, also into the Commonwealth.

According to the ProjectVirginia developers, they’re specifically working with over a dozen Virginia House of Delegate candidates to implement social media tools that they would not otherwise have incorporated into their campaign plans.


Drawing from the lessons of 2009 in Virginia, Ford O'Connell launched the ProjectVirginia Blog in 2010, analyzing the national political landscape and providing insights on the use of social media for political campaigns. The ProjectVirginia.com website (along with @ProjectVirginia on Twitter) became one of the most visited political blogs in Virginia.

The ProjectVirginia Blog transformed into The Political Quarterback (www.PoliticalQuarterback.com and @PoliticalQB) in 2011, focusing on scanning the playing field of American politics and offering insights from the grassroots in the battleground states to the gridlock in Washington DC.


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